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Seeing old versions of pages A lot of pages that I'm visiting are not displaying the latest revision. If you want to get an overview of some of the longer term possibilities that a rating tool presents, please see the document mw:Article feedback/Extended review. Most importantly, though, we're planning to set up a public database dump of anonymized rating data. Is there anything I/you can do to fix it? I modified it above. Gary King ( talk scripts ) 14:25, (UTC) I just checked with IE8 and had no problem loading the page, though the last image took a long time to load. Great for spam images, not so good for Wikipedia.

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I have to scroll back up and click inside the edit box to start typing again. Stwalkerster talk 13:12, (UTC) Not one of those who "knows how to I did want to note that it had eased up for me this morning, but has gotten worse as the day has progressed. . Softlavender ( talk ) 06:00, (UTC) I'd like to correct a couple of things from above. I'm surprised it's not more of a topic of conversation. The code will be executed when previewing this page under some skins, including Monobook." and I didn't understand. damer nøgne sætte sit lys under en skæppe RxS ( talk ) 03:27, (UTC) We must carry on and we must keep calm. ukexpat ( talk ) 15:42, (UTC) That was weird! Bensin ( talk ) 21:21, (UTC) This was a misunderstanding. 19:39, (UTC) It should at least be made smaller; it's way too large. In which case I guess nothing will change.

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Escort i jylland asian house køge I just don't trust myself to keep a cool head while doing. Sounds more like your beautician næstved tykke piger porno a caching server that is kaput somewhere. Wikimedia.org is not displaying correct server status information (as of yesterday it's in the process of being fixed.
Danske porno rør luder i århus When I search through MediaWiki:s, that string is nowhere to be found. Bility ( talk ) 23:06, (UTC) It works! 4 was a similar edit in order to prevent spewing errors.
I think Google will also count this as a link to Amsterdam instead of 'Amsterdam (hoofdbetekenis. Quicksilver T @ 16:50, (UTC) Works for me for FF4 on Win7. Can we add that as an External Tool on the History tab? But when I delete my cache/browsing history, the "Les_Miserables" and "Les_Misérables" versions goes back to a previous page. But it looks like there's some hope coming. Guerillero My Talk 03:52, (UTC) Expanded Use of Article Feedback Tool Cross-posted to wikien-l Hello all, This is a heads-up that tomorrow, we're planning to deploy the Article Feedback Tool, which is currently on 3,000 English Wikipedia articles, to a larger set of 100,000. I mean, I don't want to get a new messages bar because a user spell-checked their own message 10 minutes after my last response, it's stupid and I hate that bar enough already. damer nøgne sætte sit lys under en skæppe

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